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  • Speed rider 3

Speed rider 3

  • Dimension:240W*210D*221H(CM)

    Power Consumption:1400W

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1. Super immersive experience

2. Glamorously dazzling revolving lights

3. Links up to 4 seats

4. Real-time full HD screen

5. Scan QR code to promote your store

6. Simulating renowned places across Asia

7. Save your avatar and compete with challengers



1. Press the arrow button to select the racing scenes

2. To instantly throttle, players can imitate the way to raise the front wheel of real motorcycles.

3. Press the S button for BOOST

4. Leaning the motorcycle to the left and right end can make turns

5. Body bending can decrease the wind resistance and accelerate the speed

6. Press the left brake for drifting

7. Press the right brake to decelerate

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