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  • Classic Crane 4pl& 1pl

Classic Crane 4pl& 1pl

  • Classic Crane 1pl:30W×43D×150H(CM)

    Classic Crane 4pl:65W×90D×160H(CM)

    Classic Crane 1pl:100W

    Classic Crane 4pl:450W

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1. Mini appearance ,saving space.

2. User-friendly interface without any complicated settings.

3. Put different gifts to match different claws.

4.Popular in varies playgrounds.

How to Play:

1.Insert coin, the countdown starts, complete action within the given time.

2.Players controls claw movement left/right,front/back.

3.When the claw reaches the place of the wanted gift, press "ok" to grab the gift.


Classic Crane 1pl:30W×43D×150H(CM)

Classic Crane 4pl:65W×90D×160H(CM)

Power  Consumption:

Classic Crane 1pl:100W
Classic Crane 4pl:450W

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